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    [비 오리지널] 트와이스 사나 'Alcohol-Free' | 언필터드 캠

    스튜디오 춤 캠이 담은 아티스트의 춤선!
    현장감 넘치는 멤버 별 포커스 캠,

    [ ] TWICE(트와이스) 'Alcohol-Free'

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    1. Cristin

      Sana is a great dancer and her visual is no joke

    2. Cristin

      H@ters were intimidated by such beauty in her other fancam she is so pretty so stre@m!!!!! love u SANA

    3. Angela

      Best stage presence

    4. Sana Stan

      Shushu, vote Sana as best singer on top best kpop girlgroup 2021 . she compete with jennie blackpink !! lets vote for her !! 💜💜

    5. Ly Nguyen


    6. Lavander KPOP

      Sana is PERFECTION

    7. Apps


    8. athirah johari

      beautiful 😭

    9. Lê Minh

      I love you my angel

    10. Lê Minh


    11. Lê Minh

      Love you

    12. Lê Minh


    13. iced mocha

      Keep watching shushu we will get that 1M eventually

    14. Pete- Yare Yare Daze

      She is really attractive in this era, this is worth it to watch

    15. Luz Acedera

      Bat naman ang labo

    16. pretty boy tingzz

      She's the only girl, who's looking at the camera of her fancam

    17. Ariyana Exel


    18. henrique  .


    19. Lê Minh


    20. Lê Minh

      Keep streaming

    21. Lê Minh

      Road to 1M



    23. Fatima Rotela

      Sana Healthy + Beauty = DIVINE BEAUTIFUL!☺🤗💖

    24. Martin Garcia

      Sana is just an amazing dancer, great charisma and beauty ... watching her is like a feather falling from the sky☺👏👏👏👏

    25. Kate Winchester


    26. Natty Angel

      Sana porque me enamoras con tus encantos

    27. huasho R.P.

      Solamente puedo decir: Sana 💟💟💟💟❤️❤️

    28. kim taetae

      Less than 200k!

    29. iced mocha

      198k more

    30. Ardie Christ Partahan

      Sana is so sweet. She always tries to find her fan cam.

    31. Miesya


    32. Baggy Panta

      800k bestie 🍭🍭🍭

      1. Baggy Panta

        805k 🍭🍭

    33. Vitória Bastos

      Sana cute

    34. Vitória Bastos

      Shy Shy Shy

    35. Vitória Bastos

      Lest go 800K

    36. PotOfTeaMulan


    37. konstantinosvl

      She's so special wow!

    38. Baggy Panta

      6k away to 800k lets go shushu 🍭🍭🍭

    39. ONCE

      i love the way she dance 💜💜 vibin' 😍💜

    40. brocoli nojao

      ella es muy bonita 🤩🤩🔥

    41. Hirai Jana


    42. Hirai Jana


    43. Information Broker

      God bless

    44. Ricard Lloveras

      the most beautiful girl ive never seen😍😍😍

    45. Jood

      Omg so beautiful I can't 😣...

    46. Ardiansyah Kadir

      Tolong gua tersesat..

    47. 코우

      I love you!

    48. kim taetae

      220k more!

    49. kim taetae


    50. 오직고양이만

      사나는 시선처리가 빈틈이 없네👍🏻👍🏻 메인으로 잡는 카메라 보다가 잠깐 비는 타임엔 개인 캠 아이컨택 계속해 줘서 카메라 너머 모든 관중들을 사로잡는 느낌이랄까? 여러 아이돌 직캠을 봤지만 사나만큼 치밀하게 시선처리하는 아이돌은 몇 안 되거든요 천재아이돌사나💖

    51. Lavander KPOP

      I'm a girl but my heart and eyes are all on SANA! NO SANA, NO LIFE INDEED!

    52. 星Oyuki


    53. Fruity Baker

      Let's get this fancam to be her 4th Alcohol-Free fancam to reach 1 million!!

    54. iced mocha

      no sana no life

    55. baisley hively

      The hilarious advertisement coincidingly mark because great-grandfather metrically rot a a deranged mole. abrasive, smiling learning

    56. chg hfd

      Sana is life

    57. Jayden Kurosawa

      ¿Mi niña tiene moretones sobre las rodillas?

    58. everybody

      oof she’s so perfect. i like her the most ngl

    59. everybody

      did anyone know her hair style name? i really want to cut my hair like her. so pretty!

    60. everybody

      wondering if she’s the visual of the group. because she’s so pretty!

    61. no one 🤏.


      1. Sana Stan

        YOU 🤮🤮🤮

      2. no one 🤏.

        @⟭⟬ Shashashana no I looking on sana🤢🤢

      3. ⟭⟬ Shashashana

        You're looking on the mirror

    62. iced mocha

      Her 4th fancam to hit 1M this era. Let's go

    63. ⟭⟬ Shashashana

      Not me seeing three stupid people in the comment section pls T.T Her moves are so smooth. I did not see her exaggerate her moves even once. Even in perfect world, I still find her moves smooth.

    64. ⟭⟬ Shashashana

      I hope shushus will be active on Cheoeadol app if you have time. We'll be aiming her 2nd Charity Fairy on her 9000th day on Aug.19 which needs 55.6m votes Some of her top voters are not that active (But I think they are saving hearts) but that is still not enough tho. If u are new to the app, pls kindly put sanaglobalunion as the user who recommends u the app. It will give 1k EH to Sgu.

    65. ⟭⟬ Shashashana

      Her fancams are worth it to watch. It's not boring. I can watch her everyday

    66. Hoa Hoa


    67. Civilize Chhun

      Imo, she’s the best in Twice when it comes to capturing the appropriate facial expressions regardless of song, there’s a certain genuine-ty (I know it’s not a word) she expresses everything that can’t be taught

    68. Hoa Hoa

      No Sana No Life

    69. Resmita Behera

      Sanasi 😍

    70. iced mocha

      240k more!

    71. iced mocha

      Sana anti just admit he is upset that many people say Sana deserves lead dancer position 🤣 we were right y'all! They don't like Sana because of her talent and recognition she get for it

      1. ⟭⟬ Shashashana

        @Jonathan Man Don't downgrade other member just bcuz u want to praise Sana. Stop being an akgae.

      2. ⟭⟬ Shashashana

        The jealousy lmfao.

    72. iced mocha

      Sana best performer

    73. iced mocha

      I can't sleep so I'm watching Sana fancams marathon

    74. Ana


    75. eeyre

      She's cute but Nayeon has dominated this era.

      1. Baggy Panta

        @eeyre nagajuseyeo 🙏🏻

      2. ⟭⟬ Shashashana

        @eeyre U need oscar award for acting (2) Literally, u are in Sana fancam yet keep mentioning Nabong. You're not saying some shts abt her but then u keep acting like u hate Sana by comparing her to your Nayeon. Pls go to somewhere when ppl are stupid to believe your shits. Sana is cute BUT - Srsly, u can praise someone without adding "but" and COMPARING/ADDING MEMBERS Who has no connection to this fancam. Plus, you literally is generalizing Sana stans.

      3. eeyre

        @⟭⟬ Shashashana wtf are u talking about? Since when saying Sana is cute is throwing hate to her? You Sana stans are insane

      4. ⟭⟬ Shashashana

        @eeyre Comparing Sana and Nayeon, do u think that's what Nayeon wants u to do? I think, it's better if u dont watch Sana's fancam so that u won't throw hate to her too and stop talking shits abt us Shushus. Bcuz srsly, it's like you're doing it without your will. If u want to stream other members' fancam but being pressed abt them praising their biases, then don't read comments.

      5. eeyre

        @⟭⟬ Shashashana yes i'm a Nayeon stan but i watch all the memebers' fancams because ot9 and that's what Nayeon wants

    76. iced mocha

      Imagine tryna come for Sana's stage presence and facial expressions. Sorry that your faves don't work hard on stage. Don't try to come for Sana when we all know she is one of the best performers in kpop

      1. Death Note

        @Reee B sana is one of the best performer in kpop and best performer in twice.

      2. iced mocha

        @Reee B it is clear that many Once resent Sana because she is popular and talented. She is the reason why Twice is so popular and got viral many times. Many knetz have said her fancams are the best to watch because she is the best performer. If that upsets you then too bad. Go to Jihyo and Tzuyu fancam and don't come here and spread negativity about Sana.

      3. iced mocha

        @Reee B Don't come here and try to downplay Sana's talents. She is the best performer in Twice to me and many others. If you like Jihyo go to her fancam. Dont try to play up your favorite in Sana's fancam.

      4. Reee B

        Btw Jihyo and Tzuyu my bias...and others wreckers

      5. Reee B

        Jihyo: " slowly comes in and says hi " Love Sana but pls don't make others feel bad...you should have said... Sana is one of the best performers, that's it.

    77. ジャスミン

      she exaggerate her moves too much to look cute and bubbly 😞

      1. Death Note

        You know when you're used to see people dancing lazily and looking dead you forget about real dancing and stage presence

      2. iced mocha

        Nope. You're just a fan of a lazy idols and don't know what true performance is 😊 Sana's performance is great

    78. iced mocha


    79. Ko Rin


    80. Sana Stan

      i hope u guys stream Conversation - Twice ( TasteofLove Album ) Shes written the lyrics 🥰 that song is so underrated :(

    81. Sana Stan

      let's make this fancam hit 1M views shushu ~ 💜💜 No Sana No Life

    82. Sana chan

      I can watch this all day

    83. Sana chan

      Ily more than words

    84. Sana chan

      She's so good , but you know JYP

    85. Ana

      i love u


      This is just a random thought but imagine, if Sana just like us have had an unrequited crush for someone in her class. The person never gave her attention. And now they are watching her fancams.

    87. SpaghettiVEVO

      sana is such a great performer. the best in our generation. her visuals are unbeatable

    88. ed lee

      she's perfect

    89. AguilaCoco

      It's that time of the year where this woman makes me question my sexuality 🤝 Sana is such a wonderful performer tho💞

    90. Virna Salinas

      Sana, te amooo

    91. Lavander KPOP

      When SANA sings her lines, i instantly smile (she brings so much happiness) thank you SANA

    92. Baggy Panta

      So close to 750k views lets go shushu 🍭🍭🍭

    93. TellyBeanie

      Jesus loves you so much and your amazing

    94. ⟭⟬ Shashashana

      Still manifesting for Sana's REAL mp this year.

    95. ⟭⟬ Shashashana

      The real definition of perfection Her face expression and charisma while performing is everything

    96. jeffrey jung

      one thing, i'm in love with sana

    97. pokemonzapdos2

      Sana's bright smile could end wars lol

    98. Tofu


    99. ane l