[Artist Of The Month] Choreo-Record with ATEEZ WOOYOUNG(우영) | June 2021 (ENG SUB)

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    [Artist Of The Month] Choreography Record with ATEEZ WOOYOUNG
    [Artist Of The Month] Choreography Record with 에이티즈 우영

    퍼포천재 6월의 아티스트 에이티즈 우영💛
    에이티니 심장 콩콩콩 두드리며 등장 ٩(♡ε♡ )۶
    ( 20:16 ) 지나가다가 슥~ 찾아온 산X성화까지!

    [Artist Of The Month] ‘Christopher - Bad’ covered by ATEEZ WOOYOUNG
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    [Artist Of The Month]
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    1. Sihoshi Chan


    2. ainul ayop


    3. 지수


    4. Yeonjun Bae

      As a MOA and a very freshly became ATINY I love Wooyoung with my whole heart not only for his talents but also for his charming and caring and considerate and down to earthy lovey dovey nature which makes him so much more adorable! Seriously he's my dream husband material but yeah- thats a whole other standart he set so high in my life too proud proud proud of him

    5. Mesada Rafeeq

      To all atiny we need to reach fireworks to 50 million before mama awards soo please all of you go and str3am it please

    6. Mew M

      Woosangjong and Woosanhwa supremacy. I love 8 makes 1 team

    7. Dr Breezy

      His duality is terrifying and I’m into it big time

    8. Gps -

      I really love u so much. You are so amazing

    9. Anna Georgiou

      does anyone know what type of camera they used to take these kind of pics 25:49-25:54?

    10. Stxphxn xxx

      18:35 The shade!!! I love it😆

    11. Nur Syakirah


    12. Yuyu Jeong

      Wooyoung came so far from being afraid of the cameras to just enjoying the dance and being confident and sexy. You are doing so well !

    13. 峎羽

      18:30 LOL

    14. Divina Dilag

      My bias 🥰

    15. Joshua Uzuriaga

      Me encanta 😎😎

    16. Anso

      oh lord…. Wooyoung is a whole package. He’s so attractive n adorable at the same time. i’m getting to know more about him n Ateez bc of him. i’m so happy that i found him n enjoying his talent. sorry my eng

    17. Suazilene Ferreira

      Wooyoung fighting!!! 💪🥰

    18. Amy Gonzalez

      10:45 i Heard jimin laugh

    19. prrr pa

      wooyoung must look amaizing in person, the dancers couldn't take their eyes off him😂. He already looks amazing but people say they look even better in real life

    20. Mayno

      No one Literally no one Seonghwa: Don't say anything bout my tongue after thisss.

    21. jenausm

      22:05 dkosfmlasdöfpkasdmökfa

    22. jenausm


    23. jenausm


    24. Lissa Rose

      We love Ateez and you picked one of the sexy members from American Atiny

    25. CielL_

      TT so proud of you Wooyoungie!!! You did so great!

    26. 多熙 다희

      이런 보물 아이돌들을 이제야 알게되다니 너무 미안하면서 자랑스럽다 우영이 넘 멋있어 언제나 열심히 하는 너희 모습이 분명 킹덤을 통해 노래도 춤도 퍼포먼스도 최고라는게 각인 됐을거야 춤이면 춤 노래면 노래 ,,에이티즈 최고다 최고 ❤️

    27. taeminnie bling bling

      i feel like a proud mother watching my son succeed in life

    28. Adamelis Mendez

      Wooyoung, excelente!!! Sigue adelante baby!!

    29. A ☁️

      우영아 이 영상땜에 누나가 입덕했어~

    30. wuyojie coty

      I can't describe how proud I am of you woo..

    31. Dani cw

      @2:58 just imagine you’re his gf (Y/N) and he’s invited you to sit in on his choreo practice and shoots you a little smile as you watch & support him 😩

    32. 지민

      에이티즈 나왔으니까 스키즈 나오자

    33. Z Tiken

      He's the funniest

    34. ryujinnieluv


      1. Baby Pink25

        Please, dont do that in here, this will invite another fandom do the same in here, and it would be so disrespectful for our artist. Just email or dm m2mpd. So, can you delete it? :(

    35. Amara Grey

      How many groups did woowoo mention so far Seventeen Bts Txt Wow

    36. Lizz M

      This whole time I thought the fire was CG! I've seen other AOTM and Wooyoung's cover is still my favorite

    37. renee delaney

      jung wooyoung is a really talented dancer

    38. Sann Myint Thu


    39. Asmâa Hdn

      so am an army n i started paying attention to ateez few months ago. this guy was my fav in kingdom and now he is saying he is an army too and his role model is jimin which is my bias !!! love this

    40. κιm cнerry

      22:07 i got you San, that was my same reaction.

    41. Isabel Sierra

      "Yeonjun's gonna get mad at me" Hahah so cute!!! 😅😍❤️

    42. Walailak Lertvorapreecha

      WOOYOUNG BEST BOY !!! 사랑해요 I'm sending love and support to WY from Thailand💙

    43. Sarah A

      I’m so proud of him

    44. ash bury

      22:36 “Don’t say anything to me about my tongue” 🤣 he learned from the best.

    45. Leen

      I can’t even express how proud I am of wooyoung… he’s so professional, talented, hardworking, and humble. he always works hard to improve and he does! he’s amazing.

    46. hershey ly

      He’s super humble i love him so much😍😍 I love all Ateez member❤️❤️❤️

    47. hershey ly

      Thank you studio choom for choosing our baby Woo😍 Well deserved❤️❤️

    48. SevenKON


    49. Feme Joko

      I’m didn’t know this but I’m happy 18:41

    50. mispiii

      This was the best 27 minutes of my life. Seeing the behind the scenes of this shoot was so amazing! I felt like I went on a whole journey with him. We love you so much! And we are so proud of you! 💙💙

    51. a day in the life

      Tbh I think we all know that Wooyoungs adam apple is pretty just sayin

    52. Lea Mends

      La canción la canta el?

    53. it's fine

      his relationship with the members

    54. it's fine

      21:38 AWWWWWW

    55. it's fine

      dude i'm only halfway through the video and i swear i'd die for him

    56. it's fine

      there's no way you can watch even just the first 3 minutes of this and not be completely endeared by him

    57. Nini Lora

      I already loved Wooyoung performance, but watching all the hard work behind it makes me appreciate it even more

    58. Shivanshi Rawat

      Talent unlimited❤

    59. Jelli_Minki

      Seonghwa and San hyping Wooyoung will forever stay in my heart. They're too precious

    60. Jelli_Minki

      What's the song in 3:01 ????

    61. Krystina Alexander

      Yeosang: "You'll do fine. Don't forget my birthday. It's the 15th." 😂😂😘

    62. eunn atiny

      sometimes i wonder why this boy doesn't get an attention as much as he deserved.. he and ateez.. all of them. they deserve more recognition. but maybe i should stop wondering now bc i know that one day will come. im sure.. keep shining our teezers ❤️

    63. Mass Hype

      Please stream this video too

    64. Detergent Hwachae

      I just hope Wooyoung reads all those comments, we are so proud of him!

    65. no name

      hwa's "dont say anything about my tongue to me" to woo LMAO


      So wooyoung and yeonjun are besties and wooyoung was AOTM for June and Yeonjun would AOTM for July okay damn king shit they doing

    67. alya avakyan

      уен, я люблю тебя🤚🏻


      wooyoung best boy


      his my world


      i’m so in love with him

    71. Sona Micho

      Wooyoung love you so much 💕💜💙💚

    72. Vernita Racha

      He look scary when he perform the stare of passion hahahaha. And I love his hair!! Look good on him

    73. zhu tokpam

      He gives such V vibes, something is so similar about them.

    74. aeryna mae

      I wanted to come back and watch this again without the subtitles so I could focus more on the content. I love this so much. Thank you Studio Choom for inviting Wooyoung to be AOTM. Thank you Wooyoung for you never ending dedication and hard work. You are a joy to watch.

    75. Atiny 1117

      Artist of the Month JUNG WOOYOUNG

    76. 티즈야


    77. Mariya Toma

      Am I the only one who thinks that the way the choreographer hugs him in the air is totally adorable?!?!?! omg 😍

    78. She Juandered

      So I'm here again because I just literally saw that Yeonjun is the AOTM of July like bruh these Besties were on a different level 🔥 I wish they could collab sooon, hehe studio choom, yes pleasee? 😅💕

    79. Choi Sannie

      When Wooyoung used to say in the interviews that his position in Ateez is "Sexy performance" or "Stage genius", I used to laugh about it. But now I get it. I TOTALLY GET IT WHY HE SAID THAT!!!😍😍😍

    80. A K

      Keep stream!ng

    81. Tunisian kpoper

      He said my role model is jimin and I am very sure one day he will become great dancer and world class idol like him

    82. wby K

      i have so much admiration for him

    83. [Yeondalrae]연달래

      성화 산 우영 여기 얼굴 맛집이네….

    84. Adrian Nana

      5:58 they're so cute😭

    85. nimosaur

      You did super duper great, Woo ❤️

    86. MeKJ chan

      Jimin is so proud of you wooyoung and your already atiny role model

    87. Magdalene Ng

      Well done Wooyoung!..what a great visual and dance performance you put up for us!.. Just Awesome!🤩🤩🤩

    88. Mark V

      I love his friendship with Chanbin and Yeonjun so much !!!

    89. LpsSweetums TV

      working so hard like that, he inspires me to work just as hard!! fighting!

    90. Bts Vkook

      lets all appreciate wooyoungs hard work on this hot performance

    91. ninnie yk

      Золиг чинь зүрх догдлуулаад..

    92. ninnie yk

      Эгдүү вэ

    93. Akogii -

      love you wooyoung, can't wait to see so much more of your journey to become an even greater artist!

    94. viorin

      my bby do your best🥰🥰🥰🥰

    95. Kat

      For anybody wondering the warm up song is "call on me" by Josef Salvat

    96. Ana Baby

      I am just now learning about who he is and he is so talented. Let’s not forget good looking and dedicated.

    97. HARA HAL

      Practice videos are my fave ones especially Woo Young's..I see the fire you have inside you when you dance and I love it so much..You are a masterpiece Woo,don't you ever forget that and never doubt about that..When I look at you I smile because even if I don't know you personally,I am proud of you..

    98. hershey ly

      He’s so young but super talented.❤️😍 I mean Ateez are all talented. Please let’s all support them.They are underrated☹️☹️

    99. Replikha PH

      Hus friendship with changbin and yeonjun are so genuine,his facial expression,dance moves, interaction with the dancers and his members' support. Huhuhu