[Artist Of The Month] ATEEZ WOOYOUNG(우영) Spotlight | June 2021 (4K) (ENG SUB)

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    [Artist OfThe Month] ATEEZ WOOYOUNG
    [아티스트 오브 더 먼스] 에이티즈 우영

    6월의 아티스트 에이티즈 우영💕
    우리 뚜뚜왕자에게 춤... 그저 빛 ✨
    AOTM ➫ 2021.06.20 11PM (KST)

    [Artist Of The Month] 'Artist of The Month' allows you to hear K-POP Artists' dance philosophy with their special performance only for STUDIO CHOOM audience.

    Welcome to the new K-POP Dance journey of STUDIO CHOOM with your favorite K-POP Artists!

    'Artist Of The Month’ present by 스튜디오 춤
    K-POP 아티스트의 특별한 퍼포먼스와 춤과 함께했던 모든 순간들을 들어보는 시간

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    1. Baby Pink25

      905,040 wooyoung is the leader of 4th gen main dancer indeed!! We're so proud of you, woo!!

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    3. AlsLovely


    4. Joshua Uzuriaga

      Baila espectacular 😎😎

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    6. simpforbts

      Too cute

    7. Suazilene Ferreira

      Wooyoung fighting!!! 💪🥰

    8. Baby Pink25

      903,136!!! Fighting for woo!! 97k left to reach 1M for the precious man, jung wooyoung ♡♡♡

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    10. Cielo Lia Choi

      Atiny porfavor pónganse las pilas con el S..tr3aM tenemos metas pendientes!

    11. AtinyloveAteezForever

      1 m, let's get it Atiny Gajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    12. hazlez jessen

      Why y'all hating on him ?? Can't you just be happy for him instead of being annoyed about that your idol is not here 😑

      1. AlsLovely

        @hazlez jessen agreed!!

      2. hazlez jessen

        @AlsLovely yeah ik they can not be called stays because if you really love your idol/group that much you're not gonna hate on other groups just to win

      3. AlsLovely

        @hazlez jessen thank you so much for that and helping us to give woo 10M, i know not all stay like that, but the majority they hate ateez so much, idk why even the kingdom have been finished

      4. hazlez jessen

        @AlsLovely it's not all the stays tho I'm a stay and I'm happy for wooyoung and i help atiny stream

      5. AlsLovely

        @Multi민☠︎ if that really from them, i think this all because of jealousy. Hopefully they don't waste too much time being envious like that, because they just do useless things and embarrass themselves. The fact that our woo is the first 4th gen male artist of the month will never be change, no one can take that from him..

    13. AlsLovely


    14. Margarita Al

      Wooyoung the best! Keep going, Atiny

    15. AtinyloveAteezForever

      Atiny let's get 1 m Gajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    16. AlsLovely


    17. •mizakyh•

      No olviden de pasarse por este video , 1M allá vamos :D

    18. L L


    19. Ariel Claire Warren


    20. Error 404

      Yay, final stretch to 1M Atiny. Let’s show lots of love.

    21. AlsLovely

      900,024.. Only need 100k to 1M!! Its slow but still up!!

    22. AlsLovely

      My lovely, jung wooyoung.. Hope you always be happy and healthy.. I love you.. (ノ*>∀

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    24. AlsLovely

      899,128 I'm still amaze with wooyoung's performance and i hope woo always be happy and healthy.. ♡(∩o∩)♡

    25. Cande Torres

      Wooyoung no es artista del mes es artista del año literalmente :))

    26. OHNO

      We love u woo

    27. kim_taera

      Atiny's list : (homework/stre@m) 1. Fireworks MV 2. Wooyoung Studio Choom 3. ATEEZ Dreamers MV 4. Wonderland MV 5. Hongjoong draw & draw 6. Wonderland studio choom 7. Fireworks studio choom

      1. hazlez jessen

        @kim_taera thank you

      2. kim_taera

        @hazlez jessen hii, okay so most important is fireworks MV which is we need 50M to qualified them for MAMA awards. And for Wooyoung Studio Choom, we need 10M to show appreciation and get a badge of 10M+ for wooyoung. Another one is Dreamers MV, we targeted 2M for now since its their first Japanese debut. Other target > Wonderland MV - 100M Fireworks Studio Choom - 15M Hongjoong Draw & Draw - 150k Btw thanks a lot for helping

      3. hazlez jessen

        I'm not atiny but please Tell me to how Manny views they have to got to help

    28. Nobody


    29. L L


    30. AlsLovely

      Wooyoung is the leader of 4th gen main dancers! ♡

    31. JM Rances

      Wooyoung SARANGHAE

    32. JM Rances

      Always so proud of Wooyoung. He's just the best AOTM ever.

    33. AlsLovely


    34. naswanabiilah♡

      semangaaattt uwuwuwu

    35. Baby Pink25


    36. Baby Pink25

      Keep going to be yourself, always be happy and healthy ♡

    37. Baby Pink25

      Atiny love youuu

    38. Baby Pink25

      We love youuu

    39. Baby Pink25

      I love youu

    40. Baby Pink25

      The leader of 4th gen main dancers!!

    41. Baby Pink25

      Gorgeous dancing king!!

    42. Baby Pink25

      Atiny's pride!!

    43. Baby Pink25

      Wooyoung best boyyyy

    44. ryujinnieluv


      1. AlsLovely

        Not in here, please. This comment section is not the room for the request, this comment section for the appreciation for the artist. And for your information, studio choom choose the aotm not by the request or v13ws, they choose by the talent they admire. So, just wait until that time come and thanks for coming here, bestie.. ♡ and please delete it, so another fandom didn't come in here for want to request too (。•́︿•̀。)

    45. Nutmeg A


    46. Allison ST

      No puedo con el orgullo que justamente Wooyoung haya sido el elegido como el primer AOTM de su generación!!! Debieron ver lo bueno que es Ateez en varios campos. Nuestro Wooyoung se merece todo lo bueno del mundo :)

    47. AlsLovely


    48. Deibraye Casaclang

      chugaaaahe, wooyoung-ah! 🧡

    49. Deibraye Casaclang

      yeeeey! wooyoungieee 😚🧡🧡

    50. L L


    51. L L


    52. jenni

      Wooyoung awwwww 🤟💙🤟

    53. Riya

      Can you stream this to 1 million too plz Atiny?

      1. L L

        @Riya yess we need to reach goals on many mv, FIGHTING!

      2. Riya

        @L L and yes let's stream Woo's vid to 1o 10million by end of next week

      3. L L

        on it!

      4. AlsLovely

        I'm here for thatt! Lets goo ≧ω≦

    54. Sann Myint Thu


    55. AlsLovely


    56. Teba Teba

      Wooyoung Very cool.

    57. Oda

    58. AlsLovely


    59. Baby Pink25

      894,232 wooyoung, you're so gorgeous!! I love you so much!! ♡

    60. L L


    61. L L


    62. rumi1379

      let's go 1M!

    63. Error 404

      So proud of you Wooyoung

    64. Grape Soup


    65. Baby Pink25


    66. Alex Carlson

      Congrats for the 5M!! Atinys are so proud of you, Wooyoung

      1. Baby Pink25

        @Alex Carlson fightinggg

      2. Alex Carlson

        @Baby Pink25 Yes, just a little bit more! Fighting!!!

      3. Baby Pink25

        Lets give him 1M in the teaser too. Its almost 1M!! T^T

    67. AlsLovely


    68. Error 404

      Look at that smile.

    69. Error 404

      1M. We can do it.

    70. AlsLovely


    71. Luana Karine

      Que voz doce ❤️

    72. AtinyloveAteezForever

      1 m, here we come Let's go Atiny

      1. kim_taera


      2. Hissay7 Bhutia

        Let’s get it

      3. Baby Pink25

        Letss goo!!!!! We can do it

    73. Baby Pink25

      Almost 20k comment!!

    74. AlsLovely


    75. Allison ST

      Todo en Wooyoung es cool y hoy nos dimos cuenta que hasta en su pijama lo es!

    76. Beautiful Birds

      Let’s go Atinysssss

    77. naswanabiilah♡

      Wooyoung always shows his best!! >

    78. Error 404

      Not many Atiny here. :(

      1. CALISTO


      2. AlsLovely

        I'm hereee, and always be heree!! Lets get our wooyoungie 1M too in heree ♡

    79. AlsLovely


    80. AlsLovely

      My love ♡

    81. Grape Soup

      I’m so proud of him!!!!

    82. Error 404

      He just brightens anyone’s day.

    83. naswanabiilah♡

      terbaikkk dehh(๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

    84. Hissay7 Bhutia

      Woo deserves so much love and happiness

    85. Prince Aspe

    86. Abigail Lee


    87. Baby Pink25

      888,014 Lets go to 1M for our precious wooyoung ♡

    88. Klaudia Diaz

      Aunque sea la unica Atiny que le hace stream a este teaser maravilloso.. lo haré hasta que lleguemos al millon.. es un número bonito no?? 1 Milion Views..💜

      1. Tú Pimpollo

        No estás sola estoy contigo ^_^

      2. •mizakyh•

        FIGHTING ♡

    89. AlsLovely


    90. naswanabiilah♡

      ampunn tjakepp bangettt wuyooo

    91. Ila stan ateez

      Wooyoung did a good job! Atiny is happy with the result :)

    92. AlsLovely

      886,051!! Keep str34ming atinyy!! Lets go to 1M!! ♡

    93. naswanabiilah♡

      정우영 짱 !! >

    94. AtinyloveAteezForever

      1 m 1 m 1 m 1 m 1 m 1 m 1 m Gajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    95. AlsLovely


    96. AlsLovely

      I'm so proud of him! (╥﹏╥)

    97. AlsLovely

      I'm so glad and he really deserves to be the first 4th gen male artist of the month. And he also artist of the century!!

    98. AlsLovely

      He's the leader of 4th gen main dancers ♡

    99. AlsLovely

      Wooyoung best main dancers ♡

    100. linda enriquez

      1:08 ㅠㅠ IM SO PROUD OF WOOYOUNG ! #ATEEZ #에이티즈