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    1. Natasha Rizal

      Chu Jimin you did great!!!!

    2. 당근

      요즘 요정은 섹시하다네요..

    3. Gréta Tóth

      He's looks like Hyunjae (the boyz),, sooo handsome

    4. 에이티즈

      1.) he’s beautiful 2.) his dancing is no joke

    5. 이예람

      이거지... 프로 아이돌

    6. Fitra Kanza

      Whipped with him since iland, he's so handsome and pure 😭 i'm so proud of you

    7. Anupama Supe

      From iland right ?

    8. Keratile Madeluka

      I love him

    9. Krissia Suarez

      JM you are amazing, keep healthy and happy, I love you and support you, 사랑니다

    10. Fahma Aqilah


    11. Denija

      Why does he have only one line? He has a great voice so I'm sad that he didn't have more lines :(

    12. Kayla Grace


    13. alejandra alonso

      This is what mnet snake failed to show us🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️

    14. Daniela

      TE AMO

    15. Hooinie

      THIS WAS SO GOOD??!!!

    16. TBK WNG

      My baby is on fireeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!! Love his expression. ♥

    17. AlexRenae2

      Jimin is so precious! I'm beyond proud of him and so happy he debuted with Geonu. Every performance I see him improving more and more! Keep fighting love!

    18. STREAM PTD

      I'm so glad he debuted

    19. A 101

      So Cute🥰😍😘❤💕

    20. Estrella Gomez

      Jimin I miss you 💜

    21. ana ente

      nothing but love for our ChuJi

    22. Yuee

      no words can really say how proud I am of JM omg I’m sooo happy for him so much

    23. Edenengene

      JM ♡

    24. Edenengene

      JUST B ♡

    25. Emily Nguyen

      tell me why he only gets on verse…..

    26. The Ctat's Na

      Amo tanto a este hombre que me da miedo 😳

    27. Jimina Junghee

      this man👀😳😳

    28. itzz rahim

      Comparing him from the Iland Era to now you can see a big improvement

    29. Ульяна Мельничук


    30. Jisungie

      His visuals are insane

    31. 윤진


    32. Neo Dicker

    33. 지윤 이


    34. Sri Wulandari

      can't take my eyes of this boy. U r amazing jimin!!

    35. Olga Ki

      Jimin only sings 1 line :´´)

    36. Jointhesunoocult

      I’ve been waiting for them to make their debut for a while so I’m so happy for them ❤️

    37. chulikesmint

      can't stop watchinggg

    38. Elio Mark

      My bias

    39. Lee Heeseung

      JM looks so cute

    40. Nicole Seroy

      Why does he only have few lines? U know that JM is very good, I'm just wondering 💭

    41. nana

      ele é tão lindo

    42. Tia Mile

      Eh KFC s

    43. jinle ᜶ ᜇ᜔ᜌᜒᜈ᜔ᜎᜒ

      finally another chuji fancam!

    44. jinle ᜶ ᜇ᜔ᜌᜒᜈ᜔ᜎᜒ

      finally another chuji fancam!

    45. Pris Hdz

      he's so attractive

    46. hoon-ssi

      In I-land, JM is just like a shadow. He only appears in camera for abt 5 sec. But now, i'm glad that many people support and liked him. Keep it up JM!

    47. Martina Gebhart

      the best 3 minutes and 22 seconds of my life

    48. Jay Segovia

      Los visuales de JM woooo

    49. Zoe Jeevas

      Im so proud of him, like he is so good and all his hard work is really shown, he does everything really amazing here

    50. Minki Kook085

      He is very, cute, funny, pretty and savage :3

    51. Minki Kook085

      Yo lo escuche en I&creible en ground y ME ENAMORE DE EL, tanto que cuando escucho esa cancion solo pongo el de ground y grito salto y pataleo en su parte:3

    52. Minki Kook085

      Por que solo tiene pocas lineas? F

    53. Minki Kook085

      He is JM, HE IS CUTE :3

    54. Minki Kook085

      Choi Jimin is my bias!!

    55. Minki Kook085

      I fell in love and I only saw him once!!!

    56. Minki Kook085

      You ok? i'm not okay

    57. Minki Kook085

      1:19 a 1:23 is a paradise

    58. Minki Kook085

      He has a lot of talent

    59. Minki Kook085

      Jimin is handsome!!

    60. txtgfsvtnuest collabs when😌

      JM jjang!!

    61. Britta Carlson

      whyyyyy is this man so STUNNINGGGG?!?!?!?!

    62. BriMusic


    63. Mimi

      God he's so handsome... it's unreal

    64. Breiner Luque


    65. Breiner Luque


    66. Soobin's Bread

      I feel so so proud of him🥺♥️

    67. 김 나비Nabi Kim

      My bias wrecker.....💕💕 He's so handsome.He's so perfect this outfit.😭♥️

    68. HBL💗

      Ganteng banget🥺❤️

    69. JB

      JM shines every second of this performance

    70. 초왕자 민

      보고싶어 ㅠㅠ 아이랜드때부터 응원했어요

    71. 초왕자 민

      춤선 미쳤다

    72. 민하 주


    73. nn


    74. Zlatina Petrova

    75. jay singh

      just b fighting

    76. jay singh

      jimin fighting you made it yess always supporting you

    77. Cynthia T

      So glad to see JM performing. I am so proud of him. Can't wait to see what more he has to show, absolutely talented

    78. Dessrina Ismi

      His image on and off stage are really different!! You're amazing Chuji!!!

    79. Paola Rivera

      Estoy muy feliz por ti ♡♡

    80. 민하 주


    81. 초왕자 민


    82. 초왕자 민

      너무귀여운데 섹시하고..춤도 잘추고 ..

    83. Irani Anacleto


    84. yasmeen el3sh

      He is JM, he is our GEM.

    85. Salomé I.C

      Es hermoso

    86. Bianky Orellana

      Jimin baila excelente, es buen cantante aah que lindo

    87. 민하 주

      진짜 잘생기고 오프에선 귀요미고 여기선 냉미남ㅠㅠ

    88. Karlita TV

      Such an amazing performer!!! he always was!!!

    89. Vick Cerda


    90. 박주연

      노래가 잘 안들려서 안경쓰고 봤어

    91. Clara

      so hard to find a bias when everyone is so talented! Big crush on JM at the moment

    92. 유딘

      쮀엠 넘 잘한당

    93. Jorianne

      chu jimin's duality amazes me, he really looks different off and on stage >

      1. Bárbara Fuentes Mauri

        yes, totally... that's why i looove him

    94. Frances Lois

      You've grown a lot JM!! You're so cute btw haha!

    95. ash cate


    96. Estrella 0

      Fancam 🤌

    97. 지윤 이

      응원해 추쩨이엠❤

    98. Bram J

      Wow JM slayed!!

    99. elisa leaf

      jup, he’s definitely my bias lol