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    [BE ORIGINAL] JUST B 'DAMAGE' (Full Focused)
    [비 오리지널] 저스트비 'DAMAGE' (Full Focused)

    [ ] JUST B (저스트비) 'DAMAGE'

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    1. Lien Slay

      The song and dance is too perfect to be a debut song , Amazing work rookie Justb

    2. Mins

      Puro talento!!

    3. the weird

      really liked it. good job guys !!

    4. 하주연

      진짜 춤 역대급이다

    5. Cithlalli Castro


    6. Ella

      Everyone if you find me damaged, blame these six boys😌 Especially that little Geonu there 😤

    7. Ella

      God the power Chu Jimin had hidden in him all this time🔥🔥🔥

    8. Ana Soares

      Perfect ❤ Just B 🖤

    9. ;;シᴊxᴏɴ

      Esto adictivo

    10. Lady blanche

      Their Choreography got me mesmerized...I was mouth open the whole time❤️

    11. Ae Rava

      Theee synchronization gotttt meee ackkkk. Gotta stan themmmm right away.

    12. Amanda Rose


    13. kat0204

      2:38 goshh I love this part of the song 😩😩

    14. Cookies N' Cream

      I need to know their names man the choreography is just muah

    15. Natasha Bigdreams

      I think they are better than enhypen

    16. Alisa Yu

      wow. that was literally an amazing performance go geonu

    17. MoaXiv 43

      I’m here for geonu 😜

    18. Lucía Fernández

      they ain't coming to play

    19. Frozenwoods

      I want to learn this choreo so bad

    20. Abigail Scanlon

      I have a feeling that this group will be big one day. Just B fighting!!

    21. Котя Обормотя

      Какие же они потрясные, все больше убеждаюсь в этом

    22. Gereltuya Batgerel

      Wait- o_o their choreography just *chef kiss*

    23. Rob U.

      JUST B are already kings of synchronization with their Damage performances. Stan JUST B for clearer skin.

    24. rosalyn minh


    25. aparna


    26. Dunia._.두냐

      Just B are very talented this is their debut song and they burn the stage with it. I hope that in the future more people can know about them and can see how much effort they put in every performance

    27. WonYoung

      Just b son puro talento

    28. Arsema Issak

      Bain was really shining in this video, idk how to explain it? (im not a solo stan)

    29. ꜱʜɪᴍʏᴀɴɢᴘᴀʀᴋ이쁘시 네요

      I will Stan this group periodt.

    30. ꜱʜɪᴍʏᴀɴɢᴘᴀʀᴋ이쁘시 네요

      This group is talented they deserve to be known

    31. chase

      since before debut

    32. shedazzle2

      the tall rapper is so cool 😭😭

    33. Inas Azmi

      Geonu Jimin sooo cool!!

    34. Nicole Fernandes

      meus lindos

    35. Nicole Fernandes


    36. Double Bunny

      Goddamn!! What synchronisation!

    37. Q23J45M67 _

      They’re so on point like?!

    38. ッky

      I love this dance so much wtf

    39. Leilani

      LA COREO, LA CANCIÓN, SU ENERGÍA, SU PASIÓN... ES QUE SON LO MEJOR. Damage no se supera 😭💗💗💗💗💗💗

    40. Araceli Ramirez

      Loona PTT

    41. Araceli Ramirez

      Loona PTT

    42. Ebony Campbell


    43. Ebony Campbell

      “DAMAGE” + the lil footwork gets me every time

    44. Neesha Ellison

      Show some love for JUST B cuz they talented! I promise you will not regret it.

    45. neknarf1973

      Woooow......so powerful and energetic

    46. diana

      LOD AMO

    47. Alifia Wahyu

      PLEASE ADD LOONA TOOOO,Love Studio choom graphic

    48. Jepoy Carino

      Daaaaaaamnnnn they are so good♡♡♡

    49. idalso

      Please invite loona 🙁

    50. Juice Box

      0:48 is my favorite part of the choreo 😭

    51. Juice Box

      Ugh I love the "heyy~~" throughout the song

    52. ilovepotatoes like alot

      these types of choreographies r always my fav, its my 3rd time for 3 days straight coming here

    53. chloe

      every day i watch a DAMAGE performance, i'm addicted to this song

    54. Nura Avonahzia

      Уау они классно двигаются

    55. jsfairykim

      Please invite Choerry from loona

    56. M thebluegirl

      The formation, the synchronization , the energy *top tier*

    57. Jhyren Lauviah Cagunan

      I stan them and my bias is Geonu

    58. Jennie Sana

      Just perfect 💞😩

    59. KayRa

      Their dancing skills and sync are amazing, i'm obsessed🔥❤️

    60. KayRa

      These silky red shirts + black harness looks will never be forgotten 🔥🔥

    61. ana sofia renau bautista

      Hi from México uwu 🇲🇽😽😽

    62. 도케스

      I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG and I'm not even lying y'all. And now these wine red silk shirts????? this must be what heaven feels like

      1. 에르난데스.아비가일

        ARMY? :)

    63. eyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      i do really hope ppl will recognize them more like damn look at them they're just a rookie group but *1000000 chef's kiss*

      1. eyyyyyyyyyyyyy

        @에르난데스.아비가일 YEEEEESS

      2. 에르난데스.아비가일

        Jin biased? :)..^°^

    64. Gheraldy ghissel :3

      Wow la sincronización que se cargan amooooo!!!!.

    65. Xander

      WOOW su sonido es como si Starset decidiera hacer kpop xd. Me Encanto!!

    66. Ximena Zepeda

      The choreography is very good!

    67. Pacar Yeonjun

      Jm always in my heart

    68. ᄌ

      behindnya tanggal 19 kan kan kan??? 헤헤

    69. Ernette Muller





      Monster rookies


      JUST B



    74. Sunflower

      watched this cause i know 2 of the memberd (geonu and jimin) and i think studio choom didn't put effort just like how much effort they gave for other groups and sangwo(?) made a mistake but still they included it. no up close shot as well. what is this studio choom, you should put effort to all the groups not just those who are popular bcs they are just starting their career.

      1. 에르난데스.아비가일

        Hello Sunno Biased°^°

    75. 하늘

      헐... 건우 오빠 데뷔했구나ㅠㅠ

    76. Kim Uny

      Best song ever

    77. milony dausier

      This song and choreography is legendary masterpiece Just B fighting best debut best song best performance

    78. chloe


    79. Queen Senorita

      I just became a big fan❤️❤️

    80. M

      Estoy tan feliz de que Geonu y Jimin hallan debutado 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

    81. Pawani Kumrawat

      How can it be so good, I'm totally amazed...

    82. STREAM PTD

      I'm obsessed with this

    83. Denitsa Konsulova

      I love them so much 💗

    84. Idk Nan Molla 1

      Okay apparently I just woke up. Who tf are these guys? Wow 🤩

    85. Reigh Lin

      Oh damn i didn't know they debuted already

    86. Michelle Kim

      Amo ♥️

    87. QUEEN  kucher


    88. lowlight

      My favorite part 2:17 to 2:30 amazing . and i love black hair omg

    89. ᄆᄋ

      계속 코디 똑같이 맞추는게 개킹받음.. 각자 매력을 살려야지 처음보는사람들은 누가누군지 하나도 모르겠어..

    90. Thitiyan Wantum


    91. A 101

      Doyum So Cute🥰😍😘❤💕

    92. Angèle Djibo Abdou

      La chorégraphie est propre wshh

    93. Eingeist

      Omg the Synchronisation 🤤

    94. Nabila

      Doyum >

    95. Melany Batres

      They're so powerful they leave breathless!!! Stan JUSTB

    96. damaris


    97. Anna

      So I have to stan ☺️

    98. Sunghoons Black hair